Who We Are

We believe in the divergence of investments.

What We Do

At Cryptosmart Trade Investment we believe in the divergence of investments, therefore we work in several areas like Forex, Binary options and stock of the financial market with our team of professional traders each working in its specific area. Since we have been able to achieve consistency over these years of work, we have decided to open our online project so as to offer our beneficial activities to clients worldwide. Always following the risk management rules aimed at consistency in earnings, and the preservation of capital, taking advantage of the best possible opportunities. We believe all investors deserve high-quality investment guidance, regardless of portfolio sizes. Therefore whether you’re getting married, having a baby, reaching retirement, or simply going through some other major life event, we are available to help everyone so let us answer your questions and help set you on the path towards your future vision. We aim to make high profit, low risk and quick payoffs. To achieve this, we push the boundaries in foreign exchange & currency trading and also apply new trading strategies to make remarkable profits possible. 

At Cryptosmart Trade Investment  , we aspire to always create value for our investors and it is certain that with the help of our company investors can get more benefits. Have you ever asked yourself why currency traders are provided with high liquidity? It is because one of the major benefits of trading currencies is its massive trading volume. We tap into this uniqueness of the forex market and use it to its advantage and at the same time share it with our investors.

Our Goal

Our goal is to reduce risks and guarantee a stable income for our investors and reinvestment of assets accrued through all our trading activities. We have a team of experts on board from different fields like finance, technical, management and analytics and this has empowered our cause of taking this investment platform to a higher level. When you partner with Cryptosmart Trade Investment  , your questions will be encouraged and our answers will be straightforward. We will help you understand where and how your money is invested, how your investments are performing, and how much it is costing you. As a bonus, you will have access to expertise and insights that can help you attain your specific goals. It is a joint approach to wealth management that’s all about transparency, responsibility and taking control of your finances. With our experience and safe approach to Forex and stock trading investment.


" Good service, I have been using this platform for about 9 months and I don't complain about them. Futhermore customer support personnel. is very knowledgeable and prompt to respond to customer queries. I am fully satisfied with them"
Wei HAi
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Sarah Ming
Student, Content Creator
" cryptosmarttrade is legit. I was referred by a friend and I am glad he did. successfully completed my one month plan and I am so happy I could withdraw all my funds. I must say this platform is easy to use there was no problems at all. You guys Rock!!"
Tommy Parker
Bitcoin Investor

About Us

Cryptosmart Trade is an Investment Company which both establishes and operates a bespoke range of licensed investment funds and management services.